Enduro Guardian was started in 2010.

I bought a new V-strom Dl650 at the end of 2009.  Just like every one, I had to buy all the cool stuff for it (skid plate Etc.).  Of course I couldn't wait to go ride.  It was in the Month of September and Bow season had started.  And I sure wasn't going to wait until the end of hunting season to go ride.  So I took the bike hunting.  Well, it seems that every time I got back from hunting and I did my oil and filter change, I had to straighten the skid plate and bracket that I just purchased for my V-strom. This was very frustrating. I knew it was time to do something about it.

My Solution: I work for a very large Fabrication outfit in Oregon.  I have a back ground of fabrication, Tig welding, Mig welding, CNC work, machining, and running and programming welding robots.  So I decided to  make a skid plate for my self.  By the time I got done with a design that I was happy with, I had the original skid plate and 4 more that I had made at work (with the help of fellow coworkers).  The 4 skid plates sate around the garage for a while and one day my wife asked me what I was going to do with them.  So I told her that I could just toss them in the recycle bin at work.  Of course my wise wife said "why don't you sell them on line".  So I posted an add on Stromtrooper.com "got 4 skid plates for sale with no brackets".  And it took about 3 months, but they all sold.  And in my add, I told everyone that I wasn't making any more.  Well, People don't listen and started emailing me for more of my skid plates.  After a little while, my wife (again) asked me "why don't you talk to your boss and ask him to produce the skid plates and try to sell them ?".  So I did what the wife said like a good little husband.  I asked and that's how it all started.

I was paid for the first 10 skid plates I ordered from my work before they where even made.  So I ordered 20, then 30, then 50 then another 50 then 100.
Of course; during that time, I designed a new bracket that would support the skid plate with out collapsing.   And then I made a set of "highway pegs" for my V-strom and production on them began as well. My new "highway pegs' began to sell in 2011.  Since then - I made a radiator guard to protect my radiator and then an oil cooler guard and then a lift kit, Etc.

Now it is 2012. On July 4th  I began putting together this web site.  The Enduro Guardian business has been amazing and has kept me very busy.  I still work 50 to 60 hours a week at the Fab shop and the rest of my free time seems to go to Enduro Guardian.  My goal is to make a lot of people happy.  It has worked so far.  Working a full time job, raising two kids  and running a business is quite a challenge.  But I have managed to make my home business grow and will continue to grow with it.

My goal eventually is to manufacture products for all the Adventure bikes on the market.  (Yamaha Tenere, The Triumph 800 XC, The Kawasaki KLR650, The BMW 650, 800, 1200, The KTM)  I hope some day to carry my own Product Line of racks and panniers and a lot more Enduro Products.
I manufacture products as if it went on my bike.  I want it to last longer then the bike ever will.

I guaranty all my products

Yann D.

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